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Do you need an Oil Change? Have squeaky Brakes?

Need a new Battery? Tire Rotation???

Or any other service??

Ultimate Car Care offers all services.  Don't ignore your Vehicle!  Well maintained vehicles have less problems and last longer.  We do our best to schedule services quickly and can even schedule your service the same day as your Detail!

We are your One Stop Shop for

ALL your Truck and Auto needs!!!

Located right off Park Street, minutes from downtown Ayer, Shirley and Devens.  We are in your neighborhood!

We Pride ourselves on our Exceptionally Clean Service Bay because Your vehicle is as important to us as our own!  We us the best products on the market and stand by our work 100% of the time.  Your Safety is our #1 Concern!


We use the Best Synthetic Oils on the market – Amsoil and Mobile 1
5 quarts of Oil, Filter and Fluid Check
Synthetic Blend Oil ($6 for additional qt of oil): $60
Full Synthetic Oil ($8 for additional qt of oil): $85

We also check and top off all fluids with every Oil Change.


Rotating the tires on your vehicle helps extend the life of your tires.
We suggest a tire rotation with every other oil change, or every 10,000 miles

Tire Rotation: $25
We sell, mount and balance all major Tire brands - Stop in and see all we offer 

We can mount and balance your Snow Tires before the weather gets bad and change them back in the spring


Your Safety is our #1 Concern!
Please stop in or call us if your brakes are making noise or feel off in any way

$130 per axle + Parts

Exhaust, Struts, Shocks, Fuel System, Transmission, Batteries, and so much more…

Let us help keep your vehicle performing at its peak!

Prices subject to change – Additional sales tax may apply